How well does the IPCC police the police?

IPCC Logooriginally published by: BBC News
19th January 2010

Six years after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was founded, there are still concerns about the effectiveness and independence of policing the police, as BBC File On 4’s Gerry Northam explains.

The IPCC was set up to provide impartial investigations of complaints against the police in England and Wales but former Commissioner John Crawley, who left in 2008, says he is disillusioned with what it has achieved.

“Why should the public have confidence in a complaints system when they know that the odds are hugely stacked against having their complaint upheld and are even more stacked against them in terms of the prospect of a police officer who has done something wrong being held to account?” he told File on 4.

“The fundamental charge against the IPCC appeals system, for the past six years, is that it has not produced any significant change that anyone can point to in the fairness and rigour of the police complaints system,” said Mr Crawley, who decided against applying for a fresh term on the commission in 2008.

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