FBI to investigate Aiyana Jones’ shooting by Detroit cop

Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Aiyana Stanley-Jones

originally published by: Freep.com
11th August 2010

The FBI is investigating the death of a 7-year-old girl killed by a shot from a Detroit Police officer’s gun, U.S. Rep. John Conyers announced today. Conyers said he asked for the review.

In a statement today, he said Justice Department prosecutors assigned to the Criminal Rights Division will review the FBI’s findings. The Civil Rights Division looks into allegations of official misconduct and civil rights violations, including use of excessive force by police.

“The shooting of Aiyana Jones has shaken the entire city community, and it demands a thorough and independent investigation,” Conyers said in the statement.

“So I am pleased that the Justice Department is acting in this case. It is plain that something went very, very wrong in the Jones’ home last May 16, and this investigation will shed much needed light on these tragic events. I have been assured by the Justice Department that they will take a very careful look at this matter and that, if the facts warrant, they will be aggressive in responding.”

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