Ministry of Justice Announcements

Blind justice lawMoJ announces results of the reform of the coroner system.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have announced the findings of the consultation launched in March this year seeking views on the reform of the coroner system in England and Wales. A total of 182 responses to the consultation paper were received.

The respondents were from a wide range of sectors which included coroners, coroners officers, voluntary organisations, pathologists, registrars, local authorities, investigating authorities, bereaved people, police authorities, government departments, legal and medical profession, media, faith groups, individuals and other interested parties.

The report summarises the responses received to each question. In general, there was support for the aims and objectives of the proposed reforms, although there were a range of views about individual strands of policy.

The report also includes a brief summary of how the government intends to progress each area consulted on, in the light of consultation responses and the Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) made to Parliament.  The findings from this consultation will inform the drafting of secondary legislation to be made under Part 1 of the Coroners and Justice Act of 2009.

Access the findings, along with the WMS made by Jonathan Djangoly MP >

Updated Gareth Myatt and Adam Rickwood action plans

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have published an updated version of the action plan outlining the government’s response to coroners’ recommendations in the inquests into the deaths of two teenagers in secure training centres. This action plan provides an update, as at September 2010, of the progress that has been made against each of the recommendations since the document was first published in March 2008.

You can download the action plan here >