Call for justice for Jimmy Mubenga

originally publshed by: IRR
November 2010

On 12 November 2010, over 150 people marched from the Angolan Embassy to the Home Office in protest at the death of Jimmy Mubenga during a deportation.

Campaigners from the Angolan community first delivered a letter to the Angolan Embassy to call on the authorities to intervene. The march, led by the family and friends of Jimmy Mubenga, then marched to the Home Office.

Although marchers had only been given permission to use the pavements, the sheer volume of people meant that very soon they took to the roads and were eventually given a police escort on a circuitous route to the Home Office.

The demonstration, held a month after Jimmy’s death, was attended and supported by people and organisations from across the country – No Border groups from across the UK, the Campaign to Close Campsfield, Hackney Refugee and Migrant Support Group, Fight Racism Fight Imperialism, the Movement for Justice, FreeMovement, the National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns, Medical Justice, the Federation of Iraqi Refugees, Crossroads Women’s Centre and Cambridge Migrant Solidarity and a large contingent from the Angolan community.

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