Police refuse to make public the role of undercover cop

Undercover Hidingall credits: Fitwatch
10th January 2011

Once again the story of Mark Stone / Kennedy has hit the press, this time after he has apparently offered to give evidence on behalf of the defendants in the Ratcliffe trial. The trial was ultimately dropped by the prosecution after the police declined to provide disclosure relating to the former undercover cop, who was implicated in the alleged “conspiracy to cause aggravated trespass” at Ratcliffe power plant.

Mark is reported to have been working for the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, one of the ‘domestic extremism’ units run by ACPO to keep tabs on protesters. His role would have been to gather information used to ‘disrupt’ and undermine protest groups. Given the highly dubious role the NPOIU has, it is hardly surprising that the police would much prefer to keep their work under wraps.

Mark knew a lot of people, and was involved in a hell of a lot of organising. Pretty much everything in fact, including environmentalism, anti-fascism, anti-capitalism and animal rights.

Some activists at the heart of international organising believe that the involvement of Mark and others like him ultimately led to the collapse of international networks aimed at organising protest on a European and International scale.

There is much talk of Mark having ‘gone native’, deciding he is on the protesters side after all. If that is true, it is to be hoped that he will have the courage of previous ‘outed’ undercover cops and go public on the role of the NPOIU and its affect on political dissent and protest in the UK and beyond.

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