IPCC publishes findings of investigation into complaints by Lotfi Raissi

originally by: The IPCC
28th January 2010

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has concluded its investigation into the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) handling of an investigation concerning Mr Lotfi Raissi, who was wrongly accused of being involved in terrorism following the September 11 attacks. The investigation looked into whether it was reasonable for the MPS to arrest Mr Raissi, the diligence of the investigation and their actions during the extradition process that immediately followed his release from police custody.

It found that the MPS conducted a thorough and timely investigation but that, had enquiries from a previous MPS anti-terrorism investigation been completed at that time, the extradition process may have concluded sooner.

Lofti Raissi, an Algerian pilot living in west London, was arrested by detectives from the MPS Anti-Terrorism Branch in the early hours of 21 September 2001 following information from the American authorities who were investigating a number of people suspected of being linked to the terrorist attacks of September 11.

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