Aiyana: Detroit investigations crawl along

originally by: Detroit
22nd February 2011

The shooting of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones by a Detroit police officer is subject of two investigations, but more than nine months after the incident, neither probe has been completed. That’s not surprising, experts say. In Detroit, whenever police or city officials are investigated, the probes move slowly if they’re completed at all.

A glance at a handful of investigations into matters involving law enforcement or elected officials shows there’s been little, if any, progress.

“Sometimes these investigations are called for, but you find out later that they never were really started, or they fizzled out,” said Christina Kuo, director of the Michigan chapter of Common Cause, a nonprofit government watchdog. “There’s usually reluctance for police and government officials and police to investigate each other.”

There are several examples of investigations that were either never completed or the results were not made public.

Among them: Aiyana’s death: The Michigan State Police and the Department of Justice announced in May that they would look into the girl’s fatal shooting by Detroit Police Officer Joseph Weekley, who was searching for a murder suspect when he entered Aiyana’s east side home the morning of May 16. His gun went off, killing the sleeping girl.

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