G20: another version of the truth – the police assault on Ian Tomlinson in context

Ian Tomlinson pushedoriginally by: Last Hours
Archive: 18th April 2009

Two more of the Forward Intelligence (FIT) officers who witnessed (and ignored) the attack on Ian Tomlinson have been identified as U2934 PC Colin Nye (F3) and U2337 PC Carl Small (F4) from the TSG. Colin Nye is the officer who walked forward to where Ian Tomlinson was on the ground but did nothing to help him up.

He told the IPCC that this was to check whether Ian Tomlinson was “a person of interest in his role”, i.e. whether he was a suspect.

This is an attempt to compile a comprehensive narrative of the situation around Royal Exchange when Ian Tomlinson was assaulted, and subsequent events, referenced to photos, videos and eyewitness accounts. It is still a work in progress, and is updated when additional material is located.

In the early evening of April 1st, on Lombard Street, where Ross Hardy and another unnamed photographer took pictures of Ian Tomlinson outside Gym Box (reported as 7:10 pm), cops are clearing the street, and based on later videos some of those present end up on Cornhill.

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