Joblessness and ‘toxic relations’ with police are blamed for Tottenham riot

Fire Burning Buildingoriginally by: The Guardian
published: 5th February 2012

A “citizens inquiry” into the riots in Tottenham will conclude they were partly caused by high youth unemployment and toxic relations with local police, arguing the disorder reveals the need for a major regeneration project in the area. The north London borough was the first place to suffer riots last summer, when a protest about the police shooting of local man Mark Duggan turned violent.

The trouble which started in Tottenham exactly six months ago quickly spread across London and to other English cities.

The report produced by the Citizens Inquiry into the Tottenham Riots, a grassroots coalition of locals, reveals that many in the community believe their area was “left to burn”.

The study, which involved interviews with 700 people, will be launched on Tuesday at an event hosted by Reading the Riots, the Guardian and London School of Economics study into the August disturbances.

More than 270 rioters were interviewed in the Reading the Riots study, which found the government had mistaken the role of gangs and social media in the riots. It also found that hostility toward police, particularly over the use of stop and search, was a big factor.

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