Twice the chance of asylum in Australia than Europe or UK

Asylum Anonymity

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published: 20th March 2012

Asylum seekers from Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are more than twice as likely to be accepted as refugees by Australia than comparable European countries or the UK. The high rate of success for asylum seekers in Australia has spiked since the March 2011 detention centre riots, and is now averaging 60 per cent.

In the UK, the acceptance rates of refugee status for asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iraq is 20 per cent to 30 per cent.

The figures, comparing official Eurostat data to Department of Immigration statistics, apply only to unauthorised maritime arrivals and suggest a higher humanitarian component in Australia’s assessment process.

The Coalition says the high acceptance rates have become a new “pull factor” for asylum seekers to come to Australia. The acceptance rates also appear to be erratic – suggesting political considerations in the application process.

While falling to about 30 per cent between 2009 and March 2011 – the month of several detention centre riots – they have since risen again.

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