How to Deal with the FIT!

Testing Body Cameraoriginally by: The Occupied Times
published: 3rd May 2012

The police snoop on protests and protesters in many ways. They call it ‘intelligence gathering’. Some of this is done by murky methods, with undercover police and informants, but a lot of it is open, obvious and in-your-face.

The Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) and their methods of intelligence gathering should not be tolerated by anyone who genuinely wants to see any form of social change. FIT’s function is to gather data, and then use this information to disrupt, intimidate and harass those involved in political dissent.

There are some key things which everyone should know: for starters, how to recognise the FIT. Don’t make it easy for them to take your photograph. Look away, keep your head down (literally!), block the cameras, wear a mask, do whatever you need to do, but try to keep your picture out of their image database.

Don’t give them your name and address. They can insist on it if you have committed an offence, caused harassment, alarm or distress, or are driving a car, but can’t otherwise. Don’t give it. Say no.

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One thought on “How to Deal with the FIT!

  1. If protesters keep there wits about them and know what theyre doing is right, after all we are all in the world together…then they have nothing to fear. “snooping” is the new CCTV, camera, eye, informer, whatever you want to call it. Never talk to strangers, then at least you will stand a chance. You just never know who the next person is. OMG, now i`m beginning to sound paranoid. Anyway this is a serious issue Naphtali. Thanks for the info.

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