National Fathers Day vigils make a mark (Pt2)

Melika Queely - Birmingham Vigil 17 06 2012Dena Whitmore (Birmingham)

“Yesterday I attended the Father’s Day Vigil for those in the Midlands area who have died in Police Custody in collaboration with the Midlands community, The United Family and Friends Campaign, Birmingham Strong4Justice and 4WardEver UK.

“Some of those who have deceased were not yet fathers but we cannot underestimate the supportive and protective role males play within our families and communities, not to mention the pain and anguish the bereaved families have to endure. As a parent you never expect to bury a child or expect to have to endure the enormity of your prematurely aborted hopes, dreams and aspirations for your children in such a manner.

“For the families who have had their loved ones die in Custody they do not have any such consolation, having to endure years of grief with unexplained circumstances, botched investigations, failure to notify family members their loved ones have dead, delays in the release of loved ones for burial further adding to the pain and injustice…not to mention failure in conviction even when there has been a verdict of unlawful killing.”

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File on 4: Police Restraint (recording)
Inquests in England are increasingly hearing a new term to explain deaths in police custody: Excited Delirium. It’s a diagnosis with origins in the United States.