New film on Babar Ahmad case

provided by: Free Babar Ahmad Campaign
published: 17 July 2012

A new documentary, ‘The Story of Babar Ahmad’ has been produced by an independent film-maker Bilal Abdul Kareen. The film examines the case of Babar Ahmad from the initial assault on him by the police right though to his ongoing detention without trial pending extradition to the US and the police mishandling of the material seized from his home. It features a number of interviews with prominent solicitors, barristers, politicians, activists and members of Babar Ahmad’s family.

The documentary can be viewed here >

Take Action Now: Write to the DPP and Request Babar Ahmad is Put on Trial in the UK

Babar Ahmad’s solicitors have now asked the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights for permission to appeal the decision of the European Court of 10 April 2012 when it ruled against Babar. Its decision is expected by September 2012. It is crucial that the DPP understands the level of public concern at British justice being outsourced to the US and that there is enormous public interest in prosecuting him in the UK.

We request that on viewing the above film, you take action in support of Babar Ahmad by writing to the Director of Public Prosecutions and ask him to put Babar on trial in the UK on the basis that Babar is a British citizen accused of committing a crime in the UK with the evidence against him having been gathered in the UK.

To do so, visit and simply click on the ribbon on the top left hand side of the home page which will bring up a pre-written letter, which you can edit and modify should you wish. All you need to do is enter your name and address and click ‘Send’.

Please also ask your MP to make representations to the DPP in this regard. In these final weeks, every single representation made to the DPP is crucial.

For further information about the case and campaign, visit the official Facebook page or follow on Twitter.

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