Story of The Lucasville Five (a case in history)

Prison Detention Barbed Wire

Contributed by: Annabelle Parker
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The Lucasville 5 are five prisoners who were framed for the murder of snitches and guards in the 1993 Lucasville prison riot.

The 1993 riot and hostage taking was one of the longest in u.s. prison history, and yet it ended relatively peacefully.

It was the 5 who negotiated a nonviolent resolution to the hostage taking, but for this they were targeted as “ringleaders” by the state and sentenced to death, framed for the murders of snitches and a prison guard during the uprising. You can read more of this here >

The Lucasville 5 are:

There also is a website of a group preparing the 20th commemoration of this uprising for next year, April 2013:

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