Family of mother killed in police custody question LAPD investigation

originally by: theGrio
published: 13 September 2012

The family of a woman who died in police custody two months ago is calling on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate her case, along with other instances of what the family’s attorney calls a pattern of misconduct by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Alesia Thomas died in police custody July 22nd, after being placed in hobble restraint device and put into the back of a patrol vehicle.

Police refuse to release the dashcam video that would show exactly what happened to Thomas that morning. And according to police spokesman Sgt. Frank Preciado, in comments to theGrio, there is no arrest report because Thomas died in custody before officers could reach the police station.

According to a statement released by the department, the LAPD’s Force Investigation Division (FID) detectives are investigating Thomas’ death. Preciado told theGrio the case would be “investigated very diligently.”

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