Susan Alexander: Met's secrecy over shooting that killed my son is an insult

originally by: The Independent
published: 4 October 2012

The mother of an unarmed man shot dead by police officers seven years ago has slammed the inquiry into his death for allowing what she sees as unnecessary secrecy and a failure to hold the Metropolitan Police to account.

The criticism comes as the Met moves to prevent disclosure of helicopter footage of its surveillance operation against Azelle Rodney, 25, who was shot six times at point-blank range in west London in April 2005.

Susan Alexander, his mother, told The Independent in an exclusive interview that she has lost some confidence in the public inquiry, which started five weeks ago after years of political and legal wrangling about sensitive police material.

Mrs Alexander said that the current fight to see the helicopter footage is just one example of how the Met has made repeated efforts to have multiple pieces of evidence redacted or excluded from the inquiry during its opening weeks: “They said it was going to be fully open and transparent, but after all of this time to have more redacted information put in front us, well I find it quite an insult.”

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One thought on “Susan Alexander: Met's secrecy over shooting that killed my son is an insult

  1. I agree the withholding of such pertinent information is of concern, this is meant to be a public inquiry, what information can be so sensitive that it still needs to be withheld even though Azelle’s friends have already been convicted… Susan Alexander has lost her son and she has a right to have a full understanding of the circumstances of how her son died, it is also a tragedy the case has taken so long to come to court…

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