Protest Vigil : Stop Deaths in Police Custody

Habib Ullah Familyoriginally by: Slough Times  
published: 3 January 2013

On a dark and cold winter evening protesters campaigning for justice for the two men killed in Thames Valley Police’s custody held a peaceful vigil outside Slough police station in a town blighted for many years by police brutality, false and malicious arrests and police cover-ups.

On the first anniversary of the death, in Thames Valley Police custody, of 57 year old Philmore Mills, father of 4 daughters, Philmore’s family and the family of 39 year old Habib Ullah came together to hold a peaceful candle-lit vigil outside the main police station in Windsor Road, Slough.

Philmore Mills died in police handcuffs on the floor of ward 9 at the local NHS acute hospital Wexham Park. He was an ill inpatient needing an oxygen mask. He was not wanted by the police for anything.

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2 thoughts on “Protest Vigil : Stop Deaths in Police Custody

  1. I believe that our police force is totally out of control, and it should be completely dismantled. In a democratic society as ours, we should be able to elect a government who would be capable of doing just that.

    If we are keeping on complaining, signing little petitions etc, we are going nowhere.
    for thousands of years this kind of staff have been happening, someone is learning lessons, and people keep on getting murdered. For slow learners, this is it.

    Let’s instead put an end to injustice once and for all. Let’s make all political party leaders aware of the present situation, and let’s elect who ever would be capable of giving us justice.

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