[Claims that] Chavis Carter Was Executed!

Chavis Carteroriginally by: CopBlock.org
published: 22 January 2013

Five days ago we wondered why more people weren’t talking about the shooting of Chavis Carter. He was a 21 year old black man who was arrested, searched twice, he was in police custody, handcuffed behind his back, sitting in a police car, having been arrested by two white police officers in Jonesboro, Arkansas because there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Mississippi.

Chavis Carter was shot in the head and died while in custody, with his hands still in handcuffs behind his back.

The police indicated that the death was a suicide. The idea that a man could shoot himself in the head, while handcuffed, was so outrageous, that I hoped that it must be true.

Surely if the police were going to shoot a suspect, and claim suicide, they would be smart enough to do it when he didn’t have handcuffs on! This story was so hard to believe that the police themselves created a video demonstrating that it was theoretically possible for a man, handcuffed behind his back, to shoot himself in the head.

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