The death of capital punishment

Prisoner Appeal on Death Roworiginally by: Baltimore Independent
published: 6 March 2013

In democratic-like fashion, even during a winter weather advisory with most people paying attention to the accumulation on the ground; the democratically controlled State Senate passed a repeal measure that would abolish capital punishment making Maryland the eighteenth state to have eliminated the procedure.

In an almost purely partisan vote of 27-20, with 24-votes needed for passage, the most conservative body of the Maryland General Assembly has now sent the controversial measure to the more liberal House of Delegates, for the chambers first up or down vote on the repeal of the death penalty in 35-years.

With only two state republicans voting in favor of the bill, Senators Allan Kittleman and Ed Reilly of Howard and Anne Arundel Counties respectively; the democratic majority was finally able to put Governor Martin O’Malley’s legislative baby to rest.

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