New audio of Trayvon Martin’s voice emerges

Trayvon Martinoriginally by: GlobalGrind
published: 8 June 2013

A new recording of Trayvon Martin’s voice has just surfaced and could be critical in the investigation of what really happened the day the teen was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. ABC news obtained audio from Trayvon’s cellphone and if you  listen you can hear the 17-year-old horsing around with his friends as he films two homeless men arguing over a bike.

This new audio could be used to help determine who cried for help during the 40 seconds of the 9-1-1 before the fatal shot was heard. ABC News sent the audio of Martin’s voice to a forensic analyst who said the screams on the 911 call are more likely to belong to Zimmerman. He added, however, that because the sound is so muffled with only two seconds of unobscured audio, there could be no definitive identification of “the screamer.”

Trayvon Martin’s parents do believe the screams belong to their son and are currently set to go back to trial in two days.

Zimmerman will be on trial Monday on a charge of second degree murder. Lead defense attorney Mark O’Mara has called the9-1-1 recording “the most significant piece of evidence in the case.”

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