Church asks PM why prisons are ‘almost entirely black’

Domiciliary Prisonoriginally by: The Voice Online
published: 3 August 2013

A church which stands in the shadow of HM Prison Birmingham is sending a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to order a national inquiry into why so many young men of African Caribbean descent are in prison.

The unprecedented move by members of the Church of God of Prophecy in Winson Green, Birmingham was prompted by a sermon on the subject by Bishop Dr Joe Aldred, who is also a BBC broadcaster and writer. The subject of his sermon at the Aberdeen Street church asked: “Why are so many young black men in prison and what can the church do?”

It highlighted startling statistics which reveal that while the African and Caribbean population in the UK remains at approximately three per cent, the proportion of the prison population varies between 13 and 22 per cent.

For several years Labour MP Diane Abbott has voiced her concern over this issue, pointing that some prisons in the south east of the country were ‘almost entirely black’.

Bishop Paul McCalla, of the Aberdeen Street church, told The Voice: “This is an issue that we as a church are very concerned about, so rather than just talking about it we decided to do something that would draw attention to this very serious matter.

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One thought on “Church asks PM why prisons are ‘almost entirely black’

  1. The reasons why some prisons are disproportionately black are the following:
    1. ‘White’ police officers work much harder (cough, cough) when the suspects are non-white;
    2. Britain’s judicial system is racist. Have you noticed how much longer the sentences are when the defendant is non-white compared to those who are ‘white’? Have you noticed that non-white defendants are even punished severely even with victimless crimes?

    The defendants below have committed a victimless crime and have received a sentence that bears no resemblance to it:

    Compare with the ridiculously short sentence a ‘white’ pedophile and rapist such as Stuart Hall has received:

    Britons have no concept of justice. End of.

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