Met chief was briefed a year ago about police spying on Lawrence campaign

Doreen Lawrence speaksoriginally by: The Guardian
published: 12 August 2013

Scotland Yard has admitted that commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was told a year ago that undercover officers had spied on supporters of Stephen Lawrence’s family but did not tell the murdered teenager’s parents for another 11 months.

A letter seen by the Guardian states that Hogan-Howe was personally briefed on 16 August 2012 about the infiltration by police of groups involved with and supporting the Lawrence campaign for justice after officers bungled the 1993 case.

On Monday Scotland Yard said the Lawrence family had not been told of this until 28 June this year, after the Guardian reported allegations from a former undercover officer turned whistleblower.

Last month Mick Creedon, the Derbyshire chief constable who is leading an investigation into a covert police unit called the Special Demonstration Squad, was called before MPs.

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