Brian Reade on his Hillsborough witness statement: Was it altered afterwards by police?

Football Goal Netoriginally by: The Mirror 
published: 26 Sep 2013

It’s haunting to see a witness statement you gave to a mass death scene half a ­lifetime ago. Staring again at words you can’t remember speaking from way in your past, at a time of deep grief, unlocks forgotten emotions and takes you to a difficult place.

That’s how I feel after responding to the IPCC’s witness appeal and seeing the statement I gave to West Midlands Police in 1989, in the dark days after the ­Hillsborough Disaster.

Reading it now I realise why I felt at the time as though I was under investigation, simply for going to a football match.

Virtually all the questions were slanted towards finding out how culpable the fans were: “What time did you arrive at the ground? Did you witness any disorder? Did you witness any consumption of alcohol in the streets? Did you witness alcohol being brought into the ground or consumed inside the ground? Did you witness any act by supporters which obstructed police, stewards or medical persons? Were you subjected to any threats or violence? Did you witness anything you consider to be a criminal act by any person?”

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