Skinner Defense: New DNA testing suggests his innocence

Hank Skinnerby: Austin Chronicle 
published: 6 September 2013

The results of new, additional DNA testing in the Hank Skinner case demonstrates he is innocent of the multiple murders in the Panhandle that sent Skinner to the row in 1995, defense lawyers argue in new court filings.

Skinner was sentenced to die for the New Year’s Eve 1993 murders of his longtime girlfriend Twila Busby and her two grown sons in the Pampa home they shared.

Skinner has maintained he is innocent of the crime, saying he was passed out on booze and drugs and that when he came to he found the family slaughtered.

That’s why previous DNA testing – reported in November 2012 by the state – revealed his profile in blood found on a dresser, door frame, multiple doorknobs, a comforter, and a tennis shoe in the home, his lawyers, including Rob Owen from the University of Texas Capital Punishment Clinic, argue.

Notably, in that round of testing an unknown male DNA profile was found on a knife believed to be used in the crime, found on the front porch of the home and on carpeting in the bedroom Busby’s sons shared.

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