Prison bars at Feltham YOI

Wrong on the inside, wrong on the outside

Prisoner In Jailby: The Justice Gap
published: October 2013

Beleaguered probation officers have voted to take strike action in protest against the effective abolition of a probation service much copied and revered in the rest of the world. It is ironic that the World Congress on Probation was held in London less than two weeks ago with international delegates bewildered at at our Government’s actions.

The painting is from the 2010 Koestler Trust exhibition (The Yard 2030 – Maghaberry Prison, Northern Ireland, Commended for Oil/Acrylic Painting 2007) – see HERE.

The strike is a last-ditch effort that will make not the slightest difference to yet another step in the wholesale commoditization of services that the Government is hell bent on.

That commoditisation is reaching into every part of our lives. We now have 15-minute home visits to the elderly who can have a bath, a meal or visit to the toilet. The checklist and the budget do allow for more. ‘How are you? ‘ or any kind of human warmth are an anathema to the ‘process’ which is somewhat ironic at a time when health secretary Jeremy Hunt is berating society for leaving its elderly lonely and isolated.

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