Concern over police violence in the UK (Press TV)

Police Officers On Dutyoriginally by: PressTV 
published: 1 November 2013

The Defend the Right to Protest campaign was launched in response to the police violence and arrests after those student demos. They’ve gathered alongside those involved with some of the most high profile cases of police violence, in the country, including well known student Alfie Meadow, who needed life saving brain surgery after he was kettled and battoned by police at the 2010 demo.

He was arrested, trialled and ultimately acquitted of violent disorder.

But not all protesters make the front pages. Like anti fascist demonstrator Amy Jewett who says a police officer kicked her with such force at an anti-BNP demo in June that it broke her leg and left her facing “a lifetime of surgery. The police are now investigating her claims.

But it’s not just protesters that are facing what was called here – a renewed onslaught by government and state. A strategy of mass arrest, intimidation, and demonization.

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