Mark Duggan witness ‘saw an officer move a gun’

Police Shieldby: Socialist Worker 
published: 22 October 2013

A key witness to the police shooting of Mark Duggan told the inquest into his death that she saw an officer move a gun after Mark died. The woman, known only as Miss J, gave evidence to the inquest on Wednesday of last week.

She said that a cop looked like “he’d found gold” after picking up the weapon in the taxi Mark was travelling in. She told the inquest the officer took the gun from the car around ten minutes after police shot Mark.

Miss J said, “I went back by the path but I stood and watched. I saw police dragging Mr Duggan out the car. It was from the back on the left hand side.”

When asked if she saw a gun Miss J said, “I saw an officer come out the car with the gun. It will never leave me for the simple reason it’s not often you see a gun in broad daylight. I could see all of the gun for two to three seconds before the officer placed it in the cloth.”

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