Police Cell Victim

INQUEST calls for action on 'depressing regularity' of deaths in custody

Police Cell Victimby: The Justice Gap
published: November 2013

Concerns over the ‘disproportionate use of restraint’ on vulnerable people suffering from mental illnesses have been raised by a leading charity. 

INQUEST is calling for urgent action to put a stop to ‘dangerous practises’ by police.

Earlier this month two men died in police custody within 10 days of each other, after they were detained by police under the Mental Health Act – see HERE. INQUEST published a report to brief MPs ahead of a debate to highlight the high number of deaths that have occurred in identical circumstances.

Talking to the JusticeGap, the co-director of INQUEST, Deborah Coles said: ‘The worst aspect of our job is the fact that the same issues repeat themselves with depressing regularity. It’s really frustrating.’

“At the moment there is a very, very flawed system when it comes to ensuring that there is an accountable way of learning from these deaths.”    Deborah Coles

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