Prime Minister should apologise for custody deaths

UFFC Bereaved Families Speak Outoriginally by: Asian Image 
published: 3rd December 2013

The Prime Minister should apologise for the deaths of black people in police custody in order to rebuild bridges with the African Caribbean community, Conservative MP Charles Walker said.

Calling on the Government to address the disproportionate number of deaths of black people held in detention, the Broxbourne MP also said police officers found unofficially feeding the media stories to destroy the reputation of the dead should be fired.

Mr Walker, vice chairman of the influential backbench Tory 1922 Committee, said he “felt ashamed” about the incidents of detentions and deaths of black people in custody. And he spoke of the “total loss of trust in the establishment” among the African Caribbean community, that over the past 30 years, we have allowed the causes of these deaths to go unaddressed”.

He said in the Commons: “If we are to bring this community closer to us, we need to understand the sense of hurt that we have caused in this place and institutions of the state have caused.”

He said the healing process to work would need to start at the very top.

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