Mark Duggan inquest shows we need better relations between police and community

Police vs People originally by: Huff Post
published: 9 January 2014

In the summer of 2011 the death of Mark Duggan was like a blue touch paper that lit the flame of urban insurrection all around the country. It quickly deteriorated into mere ‘copy cat’ rioting. But the anger about the death of Mark Duggan was never just about the man himself.

It was about long standing issues between communities and the police. So anger about this week’s verdict of “lawful killing” is about so much more than the technicalities of the case.

One of the biggest issues that inflame relationships between the community and the police is the abuse of ‘stop and search’. Black and Muslim people have long been wholly disproportionately subjected to this tactic. Nobody has any objection to evidence based stops. But what angers the black community is non evidence-based ‘stop and search’ apparently imposed largely on the basis of skin colour.

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