Janet Alder writes book on 16-year ‘fight for justice’

Janet Alderoriginally by: Hull Daily Mail
published: 14 January 2014

The sister of a man who died in police custody in Hull is writing a book about her experiences. Janet Alder, 51, has spent the past 16 years of her life fighting for justice after her brother’s death.

Christopher, a father of two, died face-down in custody at Queens Gardens police station on April 1, 1998, with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Then, in 2011, Christopher’s body was discovered in Hull Royal Infirmary’s mortuary, 11 years after his family believed they had laid him to rest.

An exhumation of his grave in Hull’s Northern Cemetery in 2012 confirmed Grace Kamara, 77, had been buried in his place.

Janet has now almost completed the book which has the working title Conquering Mountains With Tiny Shoes.

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One thought on “Janet Alder writes book on 16-year ‘fight for justice’

  1. I commend Sister Janet for standing up for the justly fight in never giving-up for her late brother, Brother Chris Alder.

    These demonically disgusting racists think that they are in their rights to murder any of our people and then get away with it so shamefully, because these demons don’t have any regards in killing us, because we should be aware of it by now.

    Sister Janet should remember before Brother Chris’ racist murder in Hull, next door in Leeds, forty-five years ago another brother was murdered by these disgusting demons and that’s Brother David Oluwale.

    Three years ago when Brother Mark Duggan was murdered in London, that’s when various British cities went in flames, because the British state is so inappropriately evil to the core and has no regards for any skin of our colour at all.

    Sister Janet, long live your fight in the quest for Brother Chris’ racial murder done by the racist British corrupt inappropriate state and that’s a fact.

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