Simon De Banya : Rest in Peace

Simon de Banyaall credits: Operation Black Vote
published: 6 January 2014

Anyone who came across the activist and campaigner Simon De Banya was struck by two prominent aspects about him. Some might event say aspects that were impossible to seat side by side, but now with De Banya: First, his gentleness.

De Banya was not the kind of activist that would scream and shout, instead his demeanor was of a warm kindness, he won people over with charm and strong reasoned argument. Yet alongside the warmth was a rare immovable steeliness that would ensure success was the only conceivable outcomes in nearly all his campaigns and activities.

That he has passed away so young with everything ahead of him is particularly cruel, but for those of us who worked with him- I got to know him well when he worked both on the Daniel De Gale campaign and The 1990 Trust- we’ll feel honored that we knew and worked with a man of great integrity , a passion for racial justice and incredible warmth.

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Other News:

Black rights hero Simon de Banya dies
30 December 2013

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