Liberating media : Ken Fero

Ken Fero - Migrant Media
Ken Fero – Migrant Media

provided by: Ken Fero
published: 16 Jan 2014

Filmmaker Ken Fero, of Migrant Media, examines the role of the media in documenting political struggle.

‘If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.’ Malcolm X

The power of film to document stories, inspire action and agitate for change has run hand in hand with revolutionary cells, social struggles and mass movements. One of the critical points of our current situation is a rupture within our communities that prevents the support of independent media producers.

More than ever we need media collectives that truly reflect relevant issues with a clear political analysis in a committed and radical way. Until we produce our own regular media – to inform, educate and mobilise –the majority of peoples’ received wisdom is going to be mired in the racist redtops, the chattering broadsheets and the dominant opiate of the masses – currently known as television.

None of these sources are useful in terms of self-determination whether this is based on race, class or resistance. After all, there can be no stronger destruction of political will than to tell a people that no change can happen and that for that message to be repeated every day.

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