IPCC to determine if PCC’s leak about Leon Briggs’ death was ‘misconduct in public office’

Leon Briggsby: Luton on Sunday
published: 08 February 2014

Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins could face criminal charges for leaking secret information after the IPCC asked for the matter to be referred back to them for possible investigation.

In December last year, this newspaper exclusively revealed that Mr Martins was in hot water over disclosing confidential information about the death of Luton man Leon Briggs in police custody on November 4.

Last month we also reported that the commissioner had been given a ‘severe reprimand’ and warning by the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Panel over his conduct – although the family of Mr Briggs felt stronger action should have been taken over the breach.

Bedfordshire on Sunday can now reveal however that at a meeting of the crime panel on Thursday night, members were asked by the IPCC to refer the leak back to them for further investigation to determine if his actions amount to misconduct in public office.

A spokeswoman for the IPCC said: “On Tuesday the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) wrote to Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Panel directing it to record as a conduct matter an unauthorised disclosure of information about the circumstances surrounding the death of Leon Briggs.”

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