Police marksman challenges unlawful killing verdict

Azelle Rodneyoriginally by: The Guardian
published: 18 February 2014

A “distinguished” police marksman is challenging a public inquiry ruling that he used excessive force when he killed robbery suspect Azelle Rodney. See Case Profile here >

Lawyers for the officer, known only as E7, say the finding is “irrational and unsustainable”.

The marksman is asking two judges at the high court in London for permission to seek judicial review of conclusions reached by the inquiry chairman, former judge Sir Christopher Holland, that Rodney was unlawfully killed – a finding E7’s lawyers described as “tantamount to murder”.

E7 shot 24-year-old Rodney in Edgware, north London, in April 2005, when officers stopped the car in which the suspect was travelling with two other men.

The officer opened fire within a second of coming to a halt beside the trio’s Golf, hitting Rodney six times in the arm, back and head.

Samantha Leek QC, representing E7, told the high court the Met was in possession of reliable intelligence that the men in the car were in possession of machine guns and were on their way to rob Colombian drug dealers. The task of the firearms officers was to intercept them.

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One thought on “Police marksman challenges unlawful killing verdict

  1. If someone is breaking the law they should be arrested and charged, but e7 didn’t give Azelle Rodney that right. He murdered him in cold blood. Shot him 6 six times. Cold blooded murder…

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