Prison staff did not notice inmate failed to collect anti-depressants, inquest hears

Boniface Umaleby: The Northern Echo 
published: 18th March 2014

Prison health workers failed to notice a Nigerian student did not collect a prescription for anti-depressants months before he was found hanged in his cell, an inquest has heard.

Boniface Umale was prescribed 28 days worth of Sertraline by HMP Durham GP Dr Christopher Moll in October 2012, after complaining of feeling depressed and struggling to sleep or eat.

But the 38-year-old former Northumbria University student never collected his prescription from the pharmacy on the prison’s F Wing and in January 2013 was discharged from the low level support he was receiving from the mental health team due to his improved mood.

Mr Umale, who was being kept at the prison while being tried for rape and sexual assault, was found dead in the toilet area of cell F217 by prison staff at about 5am on Sunday, March 24, last year, with his cell mate asleep a few feet away.

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