Groce Family: ‘A fair inquest is not too much to ask’

Cherry Grocesource: The Voice Online
published: 3 April 2014

The family of an innocent mother shot by police today visited Number 10 to hand over a petition of nearly 130,000 names backing their fight for legal aid during an inquest into her death.

Supported by their MP, Chuka Umunna, the children and grandchildren of Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce presented the signatures of an online campaign to an official at Downing Street.

They hope to appeal to overturn a decision made by the Legal Aid Agency which found the mother-of-six’s death was not in the wider public interest meaning they will not be granted financial help to pay for a lawyer.

Umunna last week branded the decision “utterly perverse”.

Groce’s son, Lee Lawrence, told The Voice: “We’re hoping that all of this heartache we’ve gone through by bringing up the past, going public with this petition and coming here today is not in vain. We hope it leads to a positive outcome”.

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