Daniel Morgan murder case corruption claims ‘disappeared from Scotland Yard’

Daniel Morgansource: Wales Online 
published: 5 April 2014

Evidence pointing to corruption in the unsolved Daniel Morgan murder case “disappeared” from Scotland Yard during the initial investigation, it was sensationally claimed today.

A leaked filed revealed a statement from an officer in the first inquiry into the Welsh private eye’s slaying implied the victim was about to lift the lid on “major police corruption” – but internal police documents detailing the claim went missing from the incident room.

The revelations come eight years after WalesOnline revealed how police claimed the 37-year-old was killed because he was about to expose crooked cops involved in a conspiracy to flood Britain with cocaine.

Daniel’s brother Alastair, who lives in London, said he was unsurprised by the new cover-up claims reported in the Independent.

“Every time you find out something more about this case it just looks worse,” the translator said.

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Other News:

Exclusive: More evidence of police corruption relating to Daniel Morgan case – Britain’s most notorious unsolved murder – mysteriously ‘missing’
05 April 2014

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