Plight of unaccompanied asylum children

Asylum Anonymitysource: IRR News 
published: 1 May 2014

Nicky Road examines three recent reports documenting the treatment of young asylum seekers in the UK.

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner’s (OCC) recently published report, What’s going to happen tomorrow? Unaccompanied children refused the right to asylum, investigates what happens to unaccompanied children after they reach the age of 18. Up until they are 17 ½ years old they will have been in the care of the local authority, pending a decision on their asylum status.

Yet in 2012, for example, around three quarters of unaccompanied children claiming asylum had their claims refused outright or were granted limited leave to remain until age 17½. However, if they have been refused asylum their situation post 18 becomes very perilous.

The number of unaccompanied children arriving in the UK and being looked after by local authorities has been declining in recent years, but the number of over 18s who have lost their right to remain and have therefore had all support withdrawn has been increasing.

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