Supreme Court to decide on Kevin Nunn evidence release

Kevin Nunnsource: BBC News 
published: 14 March 2014

The family of a man serving life for murdering his ex-girlfriend is trying to force Suffolk Police to hand over evidence so it can be retested. Kevin Nunn, 53, of Woolpit, Suffolk, is serving a minimum 22-year sentence for killing Dawn Walker, 37, in 2005.

His lawyers told the Supreme Court retesting evidence with modern methods could help overturn his conviction. Suffolk Police said there was no new evidence. Judges said a decision would be made in the next few weeks.

Suffolk Police said they had no obligation to hand over the evidence used in the trial unless new findings cast doubt on the safety of the conviction.

Miss Walker’s body was found near the River Lark, close to her home in Fornham All Saints, in February 2005. Prosecutors said Nunn killed her after a row and later burned her body. He was convicted in 2006 and, a year later, was denied permission to appeal.

In 2012, his attempts to get Suffolk Police to grant access to key exhibits were also turned down by the High Court.

He claimed semen samples discovered on Miss Walker’s body could not have been linked to him as he had undergone a vasectomy.

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