New Hampshire House again OK’s death penalty repeal

death penalty injectionsource: SFGate 
published: 14 May 2014

With its first attempt stalled in the Senate, the House voted Wednesday for the second time this year to repeal New Hampshire’s death penalty in hopes a botched execution in Oklahoma will change the outcome.

The key vote was 218-117 to require a life sentence for anyone convicted of capital murder. The vote sends the bill back to the Senate where supporters hope senators will reconsider their 12-12 vote last month on the first repeal bill passed by the House.

The Senate tabled the first bill, leaving open the possibility it could be resurrected. But time is running out before the session ends June 5.

Repeal supporters are hopeful the Senate will reconsider the bill since its vote was taken before the death of Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett. The condemned man’s vein collapsed after a lethal injection, prompting prison officials to halt the execution. He later died of a heart attack.

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