Press Release (inquest): Justice for Jeremiah

Jeremiah Duggan
Jeremiah Duggan

source: FATAL Campaign UK
published: May 2014

On 27 March 2003, Jeremiah Duggan’s body was found on a road near Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then, for eleven years, his mother Erica Duggan has tried to get a proper investigation into his death.

On Wed. 28th May 2014 there will be a Coroners Court Hearing in London. Erica Duggan will make an appeal to the British Coroner to use his discretion to hold a full Inquest as it appears that the investigation in Germany exists only in name and not in reality. When the case is closed the German authorities say they cannot investigate. When the case is open they refuse to co-operate and fail as well.

On 12 May 2014 Erica Duggan’s German lawyers Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll filed a disciplinary complaint (Dienstaufsichtsbeschwerde) against the Prosecutors in Wiesbaden because they have flouted the orders of a verdict of a High Court in Germany (OLG) and have failed to investigate properly.

Despite legal action in both Britain and Germany and verdicts ordering proper investigation, the German authorities stubbornly refuse to comply.

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