INQUEST joins Liberty in challenge to Home Office detainee restraint policy

Houses of Parliamentsource: INQUEST 
published: June 2014

The human rights organisation Liberty has brought a second challenge to the Home Office’s refusal to disclose its policy on restraint of individuals being removed from the UK.

The challenge, which follows a judicial review hearing last year for which INQUEST provided a witness statement, is being heard at the court of appeal yesterday and today [June].

Following the death of Jimmy Mubenga, who died after being restrained on a British Airways flight in October 2010 during an attempt to remove him to Angola, Liberty requested a copy of the government policy on use of force during removal.

The version they received was so heavily redacted as to make it impossible to judge the safety or suitability of the techniques, neither did it take into account the specific environment of an aeroplane.

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