Hank Skinner: DNA unlikely to have changed verdict

Hank Skinnersource: Your Houston News
published: 16 July 2014

A Texas death-row inmate probably would have been convicted of the killings of his girlfriend and her two sons two decades ago even if his original defense attorney had introduced DNA test results, a judge has ruled.

In a one-page order Tuesday, Judge Steven Emmert in Pampa wrote that it’s “reasonably probable” that 52-year-old Hank Skinner still would have been found guilty.

Skinner’s attorney, Doug Robinson, said he will appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. He and Skinner’s other attorney, Robert C. Owen, pointed to a “blood-spattered men’s windbreaker” collected at the home of the mother killed that authorities lost. The jacket, the attorneys said, pointed to another person.

“The doubts about Hank Skinner’s guilt are far too great to allow his execution to proceed, particularly where the state’s utter failure to preserve key pieces of evidence may make it impossible to resolve those questions conclusively,” they said in an emailed statement.

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