When children are ‘the enemy’

Thai Muslim Girlsource: Workers World
published: 28 July 2014

By Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal
Printed from a July 13 audio column aired by Prison Radio at prisonradio.org.

I’ve been watching for days now, as media reports display the growing hatreds at the arrival of Central American children across the Mexican-U.S. border.

American voices crackle with bile as they begin the drumbeat for their immediate deportation. Vile names are called against them, and they are described as “invaders,” “sick” and “dirty.”

In truth, they are refugees from want and war, almost all the result of U.S. interventions in Central America in support of murderous military governments and the mindless drug war.

These are the grandchildren of NAFTA [the North American Free Trade Agreement], the economic policy which leached wealth from Mexico and its neighbors for U.S. corporate greed.

That said, this antipathy shown toward children is deeply disturbing.

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