Statement from Diane Abbott MP on third anniversary of shooting of Mark Duggan

Mark Duggansource: Justice for Mark Duggan
published: 4 August 2014

I am deeply dismayed that three years after the death of Mark Duggan and months after the inquest into his death his family are still waiting for justice.

The inquest verdict raised serious concerns and justified questions. Many cannot understand how they reached a conclusion of lawful killing, given that the jury decided that Mark was not holding a gun in his hand when he exited the vehicle and stood before the police officers,

The reaction to the verdict is more than mere disappointment, it has far-reaching ramifications. Let us think about what it says to young BME people who are disproportionately and routinely stopped, search and suspected of committing crimes. Let us think about the genuine fear that all that is necessary is an “honest and mistaken belief” that you might be a danger to end your life.

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