Britons mark death anniversary of Duggan

Mark Dugganall credits: PressTV
published: 5 August 2014

They assembled in the shadows of Mark Duggan’s old neighborhood to march to the spot where the father-of-six was killed by the bullets from the gun of a Metropolitan Police office on August 4, 2011.

Duggan family and friends were joined by other campaign groups, including Justice for Sean Rigg. Despite a public inquest that declared Duggan’s death ‘lawful’, his supporters remain unsatisfied with the verdict.

The past three years have been frustrating ones for MD supporters who during their quest for justice found that the name and reputation of their son, father neighbor, brother smeared by the authorities and now they say despite the arduous nature of the journey the struggle for justice will continue whatever the cost.

Supporters of Mark Duggan say the campaign for justice is an ongoing one The Metropolitan Police have pledged to learn lessons from the handling of the Duggan case but that has been scant comfort for those present.

Original report & video >

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4 August 2014

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