Cameron Willingham’s ghost won’t stop haunting Rick Perry

Cameron Todd Willingham source: LA Times
published: 6 August 2014

Rick Perry’s Cameron Todd Willingham problem won’t go away. In fact, it got worse this week.

Until recently, much of the outrage over the killing of Willingham — the convicted murderer-arsonist who was very likely innocent but executed by Texas anyway in 2004 — has been over the state’s and Gov. Rick Perry’s conduct after Willingham was sent to death row in 1992 for setting the fire that killed his three children.

Perry wasn’t governor during Willingham’s prosecution, which relied heavily on the testimony of a jailhouse informant and forensic evidence produced by arson investigators. But he was governor in 2004, when a noted arson expert and scientist sent him a report concluding there was no evidence that the fire was set intentionally and that the evidence used to convict Willingham amounted to “junk science.”

Despite the report, Perry refused to grant a stay, and Willingham was put to death by lethal injection on Feb. 17, 2004.

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