Vulnerable children continue to be left without adequate mental health support

Mental Health - Girl in distresssource: Society | The Guardian
published: 18 August 2014

“Working in a children and adolescent mental health (CAMH) clinic for 14 years I have often seen young people needing inpatient treatment sitting on paediatric medical wards at our local hospital for days whilst staff look for the inpatient therapeutic beds they need (Special report, 18 August).

“When they are found beds, they may be a long way from their parents, adding another layer of stress and distress for families already struggling. I suspect the “ivory towers” that Sarah Brennan refers to may well be – at least in part – CAMH, but we have worked very hard to be more accessible, more friendly and to deliver early interventions.

“I agree with her that a seamless range of services should be on offer. But there is no need for “government inquiries, reviews and a new taskforce”. As clinical staff we are often “consulted” – usually by people paid eye-watering amounts of money to report on services we deliver – but rarely listened to, and there is a huge difference.”

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