Dozens protest death of Dillon Taylor shot by police officer

Dillon Taylor
Dillon Taylor

published: 26 August 2014

Protesters rallied at Library Square in downtown Salt Lake Monday night, demanding justice for Dillon Taylor. The 20-year-old who was shot and killed by police nearly two weeks ago, in South Salt Lake at a 7-11.

There were about a dozen protestors marching the streets asking why police haven’t released any more information about what happened the night Taylor died. His aunt, who was more like his mother, was at the protest and said all she wants is answers.

“His dreams were to be a dad, his dreams were to have a family, someone he could come home to every day, his dreams were to be normal,” said his aunt Gina Thayne. Taylor had a baby on the way.

Thayne said the 20-year-old was looking forward to a life with his new family, but that all came crashing down the night of Aug. 11 at a 7-11 in South Salt Lake when he was shot and killed by a Salt Lake City Police Officer.

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